Need for courses

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19, a novel coronavirus as a pandemic and forcing millions of children out of school. According to the statistics released by Theirworld (2020), One billion children and youth are now shut out of the classroom, adding up to the 263 million who are already out-of-school across the globe (UNESCO Institute for Statistics). In Nigeria, and across the world, a digitized formal learning platform has been created by several education stakeholders to ensure children, teenagers and young people learn during this period with less emphasis on life skills training. More than any other time, children, teenagers have free time and it's important to keep them productive. Having worked with over 3057 students and helping them develop key life skills through our learning resources, we have decided to digitize our learning resources into audio materials to ensure students stay relevant during this period and still can act as active and global citizens.


Our Theory of Change

Leveraging technology to help students develop key life skills and become active and global citizens during the period of crisis.

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