Kayode Alabi Leadership And Career Initiative

Learning shortfalls during the school years end up showing up as a weak skill for the workforce (World Bank, 2018). Children born in underserved communities are faced with a learning deficiency due to lack of access to skills, quality education and opportunities that will enable them integrate into the workforce, transform their communities and compete with privileged children. Hence, Kayode Alabi Leadership and Career Initiative – KLCI was established to fill these gaps. KLCI is a youth led nonprofit organization that uses alternative education methods such as Education for Sustainable Development programmes, Global Citizenship Education Workshops, Mentorship, and Advocacy to provide secondary school students in underserved communities in Nigeria with essential life skills training needed for the workforce and future of works. They also provide scholarship opportunities and educational supports for students who are at risk in school and out-of-school children in underserved communities.


KLCI uses volunteer’s mobilization approach and partnership with schools in low income communities to reach out to underserved secondary school students. They also leverage technology to support young people between age 15 – 35 with leadership and career development trainings to empower children in rural communities.
I believe in the education of children in rural communities, because it's only through education they can change the circumstances they inherit.
Hammed Kayode Alabi


To reduce inequalities by helping underserved young people develop life skills and forge trajectory for their career through Education for Sustainable Development programmes, Global Citizenship Education Workshops, Mentorship, and Advocacy.


To liberate young leaders in underserved communities.


  • To help and build 21st century young leaders in underserved communities break the cycle of poverty and develop 21st Century life skills needed to integrate into the workforce.

  • To reduce inequalities by providing young people with practical leadership training, educational supports, opportunities and funding.

  • To use advocacy to Promote policies that encourages access to quality education, entrepreneurship and Job creation in underserved communities.

  • To provide mentorship opportunities for secondary school students and young people in order to help them forge trajectory for their career.