Skill2Rural Bootcamp is 2-5 days intensive programme where we partner with civil society organizations to orientate, empower and support children in rural communities with 21st century skill training such as empathy, servant leadership, emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration etc. needed to integrate into the workforce and prepare them for the future of works. Students, teachers, youth educators and volunteer through the Bootcamp work in groups to co- create prototypes and innovative solutions to problems they are facing within their communities using design thinking. They also go through series of lectures on specific topics such as vision boarding, money management, servant leadership, philosophy and value system, sustainability, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and computer appreciation. Close to the end of the Bootcamp students pitch their prototypes to panel of judges and parents as well as outstanding students are awarded. Students are also equipped with skills and supported to create an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) clubs in their schools to train other students as well as continue to work together to create more prototypes to problems they face within their communities.

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