Reports on the 3 Fridays Career Symposia and Mentorship Program! – February 11, 2018 Many young people in the African Community find it difficult to discover purpose and forge trajectory for their lives. This geared us towards helping young people to have a goal in mind. Through one on one coaching, group mentoring and general sessions over 500 high school students were reached. We cut across all classes from J.S.S 1 – S.S.S 3. No of students; JSS 1 and 2 = 162 Age range: 8- 16 years JSS 3 and SSS 1= 203 Age Range: 12- 17 years SSS 2 and SSS 3= 137 Age Range: 13 – 19 years. Total no of students reached= 502 Age Range= 8 – 19 years We share talks on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Character Training. We involved about 8 Volunteers and we have different facilitators taking different sessions of the program. Monitoring and Evaluation is one of the core of our programs at KLCA. As promised, we said we would be sharing with us the needs of the students and the results were insightful. We wish you could all see the individual responses. Find the results below; Total no of respondents: 124 Age range: 13 – 19 (Teenagers) No of students with needs and classifications: Resources needs (Books, School Bags and Sponsorship) = 38 Counselling/Psychological Needs= 34 Practical/Vocational Training Needs(Digital Training, Bead Making, Fashion Designing, Filmmaking etc) = 31 Other needs (Academics/Parental Care…etc)= 21 Percentage of Needs 30.6% needs resources such as bags, books and Sponsorship to further their education. 27.4% needs Counselling and Mentors. 25% needs Vocational training and practical needs such as website design and development, programming, Bead Making, Fashion Designing etc… 16.9% needs more of parental care and Academic needs due to overall low level academic performance. There is more to all this problem. How do we supports is the question now? We are already working on an early intervention program to alleviate and solve some of this problems. KLCA…liberating the leader in you!

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