In the just concluded election held in Nigeria, many thoughts have been brood over. During the election, the country witnessed some killings and destruction of properties. Who are the individuals used by the perpetrators? They are called ‘thugs’, a name they acquired. It should be noted that they were once kids. Kids that maybe were once homeless, orphaned or out-of-school. To end violence, societal crimes in the country and across the continent, each child on the street MUST go back to the classroom. With such zeal and passion, KLCI; Kwara team made the payment for the Academic Fee of three girls. These young girls are the first beneficiary of KLCI Scholarship Trust Funds. KLCI will extend this to another three kids of which two are orphans. We are zealous to liberate the leader in every kid! Well done Team Kwara! #KLCI #QualityEducation #Education4All

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